I’m Tiago Silva, a Luso-Finnish doctoral researcher in the Department of European and World History of the University of Turku, Finland. When lacking funding for my research, I work as a teacher, property maintenance worker, personal assistant, interpreter, or whatever is required of a proletarian in our neoliberal paradise of labour flexibility. I am also vice-chair of the collective Proletaarit.

My doctoral dissertation deals with historiographical depictions of the encounter between Christianity and Islam in late medieval Portugal (late thirteenth-fifteenth centuries). I am particularly interested in how culture – in this case, historiography – can be used as an ideological tool to justify, reinforce, reproduce, or transform an existing social order. Marx, Gramsci and Bourdieu, among many others, are important theoretical references for me.

The reflections posted here deal mostly with politics, history, theory, social issues, etc.